11 Things you should pack when you travel around the World

20 04 2011

Remember never travel alone.Always let the Hotel, B&B,family or friends know where you are for the day and more or less when you will be back.If you see all the missing persons posters on the police station wall on the Island of Mykanos in Greece you will understand why.

1. Your backpack

Technically you are packing everything into your backpack. A good backpack is going to make your trip practical and much easier. A poorly chosen backpack is going to make your trip very difficult. The smallest backpack you can get all of your stuff into is the key. Of course only taking a limited amount of stuff is what really dictates your backpack choice.Don’t pack many clothes especially in warmer places like Thailand and Greece it’s hot  so you will spend all day in your t-shirt and shorts anyway,most Asian countries have cheap clothing for sale so buy what you need there.

Or Take

Your Suitcase

Make is not important but it should be tough, lockable and have good wheels and a handle, or get a really cheap one and throw it when it breaks:)Most hotels you stay in will keep your suitcase for you for free if you stayed with them for a few days,or you can leave suitcases in a  trainstation locker or baggage claim.After after 3 days running around the jungles of Chaing Mai in Thailand  with a huge backpack weighing 40kgs on my  back  i wished i had  bought the smaller day pack instead, which should be just big enough for all your money, credit cards,food and drink ,a jacket and some blister packs or plasters,suncream and cellphone.Buy a prepaid phone card on landing in a new country ,then sms your family to tell them your new number and where you will be for the day.Don,t use roaming  very expensive. 

2. Your Passport

This may seem painfully obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not know that if they don’t have at least 6 months before their passport expires from the end of their trip they will most likely be denied access into some countries. Bottom line is make sure your passport has plenty of time before it expires.Never let it out of your sight!

3. ATM Card

The world is getting smaller and ATM’s are available in most major cities. Make sure you use a bank that does not charge much for international withdraws as this can cost you a small fortune.Also let your bank know you are going travelling or they will stop your card as soon as you swipe it outside your home country.Never let it out of your sight!

4. Drugs or more importantly prescriptions

If you take any prescription drugs make sure you have current prescriptions from your doctor.Eltroxin for thyroid seems to be one drug i just can’t find in China when iam living there. It’s also a good idea to get an antibiotic prescription before you go.Also keep tablets in original packages with their written descriptions or get proof they are not bad drugs or you will have problems  in places like Thailand.When you hang out in the bars in Thailand and in most places, keep your drink in your sight and watch it being opened and poured and never accept a drink from a stranger.When i was 20years old i was travelling on the train by myself from Nice in France  to Venice in Italy,a man came into my cabin said” friend friend drink drink” in Italian,and i saw him open the coke can and he poured it into a paper cup, which had the drug opium in it, and he gave it to me.Being thirsty and stupid i drank it,thinking what a friendly country.After 1 minute everything was blurry and i didn’t even realise he had cleaned me out,luckily i had money hidden in 2 places so he missed my travellers cheques,but i lost my walkman and a little cash.It took 3 days for the drug to wear off before i could think clearly.Don’t know how i found Venice,probably was thrown off  the train by the conductor:)Check under your seat in your train compartment,they sometimes hide there and stick you with a needle while you sleep.

5. Power converter/PlugAdapter

Remember most countries do not have the same power outlets as we do and if you are bringing any electronics you will need to recharge them. A simple travel size power converter and  multi plug adaptor available from any airport or AA is essential.

6. Padlock

Always lock your stuff up with a quality padlock and the chance of theft goes way down.They have a new alarm padlock now.

7. Pen/Notebook

While this is something easily purchased on the road you are going to want to take notes from day one. You will not always remember everywhere you have been but with a quick note in your notebook you can always look back for a reminder.Or take your iphone and it has plenty of room for snapshots and videos and memos.

8. Netbook/iPad

While some people may say you don’t need this because there are internet cafes throughout the world for me this is a must have. Make sure you keep it small though because you will be lugging it everywhere.I have a 650 gig small samsung hard drive i carry everywhere with me to copy photos, music and movies to and to back up laptop incase of theft.Internet cafes are dirty and smokey and expensive in some countries.Nothing better then relaxing after a hard days travel with your ipad.The internet prepaid cards are expensive, so keep downloading to a minimum and use it just to let your family know you haven’t been sold to the slave trade yet!

9. Contacts personal hygiene stuff

On the road  take stuff you can’t do without,otherwise you can find most things where you travel.Condoms are essential for the frisky few,as 90% of backpackers tend to stray after a few wild parties, at least you will know if they are new and in working condition.When you are young you think you are invincible.In Thailand a German man infected countless prostitutes until he was caught because one of them gave him aids.

10. Take your Mate/GF/BF

If you want to know if shes the one?Take her backpacking around Europe,use caravan parks like in Antibe France or use a tent like i did in Northern Greece(The mosquitos poked right through my tent,hard to forget,scary…)Istanbul in Turkey‘s campsite is just outside the city walls,very cheap.Remember things will not always go right but with the right attitude it will always be an adventure.A couple that travels together stays together.

11.Take COMMONSENSE with you-Don’t leave her at home:)

I rewrote  most of this article  to adapt it to my own experiences. original link Budget Travel, Travel and Leisure.




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